Blairsville, Georgia
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Appalachian Trail Facts
Blairsville and Union County are celebrating their A.T. Community™ designation and welcoming hikers setting out to hike over 2,000 miles, those who enjoy shorter sections of the A.T. as well as local citizens who use the iconic Trail. The ceremony will highlight the importance of Blairsville and Union County’s designation and highlight students who are using the Trail as an educational resource and tool. “With over 35 miles of the A.T. in Union County it is no wonder that this national treasure is a source of pride for Union County residents. The county includes the highest section of the A.T. in Georgia, crossing the 4458 foot summit of Blood Mountain just 12 miles south of Blairsville in the spectacular Blood Mountain Wilderness. The history, culture, economy, and future of Union County are intertwined with the A.T.”, stated Dayton Miller, the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) volunteer who helped organize the Blairsville-Union Country Appalachian Trail Community™ designation.
Appalachian Trail  Union County Georgia